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Staffing Agency Minneapolis, MN
When you become one of our clients, we will customize our winning staffing strategy to fill your needs. Our recruitment center success rate is higher than any other staffing agency in the St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN districts. This strategy has four components: recruit, qualify, staff and success.

Our recruitment center has a process that tailors our vast recruiting resources to your needs in order to launch results-driven hiring campaigns. We treat our existing employees with the respect they deserve and they understand how valuable they are to our recruiting plan. It’s because of this that over 50% of Excel applicants are employee referrals.
Excel Staffing Services will work hard to provide you the most qualified candidates in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our staffing agency only present you with capable professionals that meet or exceed your requirements.

You can’t deny the benefit of our team's 100 combined years of experience. This experience, mixed with the rest of our strategy plan, has given us an enormous success rate in staffing services. Our staff works strategically, assisting in your permanent hiring and turn your biggest fixed cost - labor - into a variable expense. Are you looking for warehouse jobs? Production jobs? Light industrial work? We will work to get you into the position you deserve.

Give our temp agency a call today at 952-835-7566 to learn more about our strategies, or to inquire about warehouse or production jobs!

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